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Message from our directors

"Somos Pacifico estamos unidos" -ChocQuibTown*

We are thrilled to announce the creation of the joint UniValle-Georgia Tech Genome Research Center located on the San Fernando campus of Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. The center was founded in 2013 as a joint effort between faculty from the UniValle Faculty of Health and the Georgia Tech School of Biology. Our scientists are passionate about the prospects of applying cutting edge genomics research and technologies to the creation of a knowledge based economy in Colombia, and the joint Research Center represents a major step towards the realization of this goal. Together we share a PanAmerican vision for the role of science and technology in society, and we recognize the potential for our collaborative efforts to position Comlombia's Pacific region on the leading edge of genome technology for public health and economic development.

Adalberto Sánchez Gómez
Universidad del Valle
King Jordan
Georgia Institute of Technology

*Latin Grammy Award-winning Afro-Colombian hip-hop group, whose members are originally from the Colombian department of Chocó but which formed in the city of Cali

Our mission

The development and application of genomic technologies to:

  1. Solve problems in the medical and agricultural economic sectors using genomic approaches
  2. Create genome knowledge based economic development opportunities via technology transfer
  3. Train the next-generation of Colombian researchers in genome science and technology transfer

Genomic Research for Public Health and Economic Development

Genomic technologies and their applications

Genome Technology: application of DNA sequencing and computational methods for the characterization and analysis of the structure and function of genomes (the complete set of genetic instructions within a single cell of an organism).

DNA Sequencing: has undergone a technical revolution over the last 10 years resulting in an exponential increase in capacity and decrease in cost.

Applications: as a result genome technology is being widely applied to an increasing number of diverse areas in Public Health & Economic Development

Technology transfer: connecting the academic and private sectors

Technology Transfer is the process of transferring scientific discoveries, knowledge and technologies from university research laboratories into the private economic sector in order to create new products, processes, applications, materials or services.

Technology Transfer represents the valorization of academic research and development.

Technology Transfer is fundamental to the creation of a knowledge-based economy.