The mission of our Genome Research Center is to apply education, training and research in genome sciences towards the development of a knowledge-based economy in Colombia.

Academic researchers from the center are partnering with Colombian companies from the Valle del Cauca region for the development of genome knowledge based technologies in the agricultural and medical economic sectors.

The Genome Research Center activities will emphasize technology transfer and capacity building in such a way as to provide immediate competitive advantages to Colombian companies in the genomics sphere.

Application of genomic techniques to characterize Nitrogen fixing bacteria that can increase sugar cane yield while reducing the use of fertilizer.

Our scientists are developing genome sequence based tools for the diagnosis of febrile illnesses of unknown origin in pediatric patients at the Clínica Universitaria Rafael Uribe Uribe in Cali.

Our scientists are developing methods for the predictive analysis of personalized genome sequences of Colombian patients with Regenerar S.A.

We are working to catalog Colombian genomic and metagenomic sequence diversity to create personalized profiles that will provide information on health risks and ancestry relevant to the Colombian population.

We are partnering with the PanAmerican Bioinformatics to facilitate public health and economic development throughout the Americas.

We are partnering with BIOS, Colombia's Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, to procure services in high-performance computing and bioinformatic data analysis.